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Insulator Installation - Home Insulation in Dumont, NJ
Roof - Home Insulation in Dumont, NJ
Insulator - Home Insulation in Dumont, NJ
From foam to fiberglass insulation, C & R Insulators Inc. does it all in North Jersey and Surrounding Areas. When it comes to home insulation, don't trust anyone but the seasoned professionals of C & R Insulators, Inc. We work closely with the client so that he or she understands the work being done on their home and why we are doing it.
Fiberglass insulation is installed between the studs in the walls of your residential or commercial property. It is available in different sizes, depending on how wide apart the studs are in your wall. This insulation comes in different insulation ratings called R values, and includes high density UN-faced and foil types. We also carry thermo fiber, which is fire retardant.
This insulation is installed where there is no preexisting insulation and is blown in small holes into the walls of the home. We can do this in the walls or attic depending on what the homeowner wants. This insulation is rated by the inches of insulation applied to the wall or attic.
Spray Foam
Spray foam is installed in between the beams or studs in the wall or ceiling using a special sprayer. It will then expand in the space. This is a very safe, fire retardant product. Like blow in insulation, its value is based on the amount of inches that are sprayed into the insulated area.
Removal of Insulation
We can remove insulation from your home due to water damage, or infestations of animals or bugs. New insulation can then be installed if needed.
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